Latest Indian Bridesmaids Hairstyles

    wedding hairstyle

    Long hair, short hair, curly hair or straight hair…a girl’s hairstyle speaks tons about her personality, her state of mind and her individuality! Your hairstyle is everything! So if your ally is close to marry , and you’re one among her bridesmaids, you want to be bursting with excitement! And why not! From the engagement lehenga to Sangeet outfits to wedding hairstyles that you simply pick, there’s such a lot to require care of and any amount of your time seems like SO LESS!

    Relax, because we’re here to form your life easier! inspect a number of the newest hairstyles for the bridesmaids, you’ll try each wedding function. check out the pictures, take notes and check out those that you simply love most!

    Cascading curls with flowers

    One of the newest hairstyles you’ll try your friend’s wedding is that the cascading curls, especially if you’ve got long hair. just in case you do not have long hair you’ll still rock this look using hair extensions. The uniformly curled locks with a skinny braid within the middle give your hair volume and layers. Accessorise with dainty flowers for a dreamy loo

    Ideal occasion: Engagement, Sangeet, Haldi, Mehndi.

    Fashion tip: Colour coordinate the flowers together with your outfit.

    Vintage finger waves

    Looking for the newest hairstyles to travel on a retro-theme Cocktail party? Sport finger waves creating a multi-layered bun also as covering the front of your forehead. Use gel to line your waves right. This vintage look never fails on a topic party like cabaret or retro.

    Ideal occasion: party , Reception.
    Fashion tip: Wear a fish cut gown with off-shoulders with blood-red lips and smokey eyes.

    Little hair roses

    Want to undertake some latest hairstyles that are traditional yet innovative? inspect this hair bun that’s a pure display of art! the whole bun is formed of little hair-roses exactly replicating the form and size of the particular roses that are used round the rim. Hairstylists and experts today are experimenting and creating remarkable hairstyles for various occasions. Try one among those on your friend’s special day!

    Ideal occasion: Wedding.

    Fashion tip: Wear a coffee cut or a backless blouse/choli for a transparent visual of the designer bun hairstyle!

    Belle style twisted pony

    Remember the gorgeous Belle from the sweetness & the Beast? The way she did her hair became one among the foremost popular latest hairstyles among brides and bridesmaids. The twisted hairstyle tied to a ponytail and accessorised with tiny white flowers are just the type of hairdo you would like for an outside wedding event on a sunny day!

    Ideal occasion: Haldi, Mehndi or Sangeet.
    Fashion tip: Wear a vibrant salwar suit or a brief length lehenga for fun vibes.

    Dreadlocked braids with flowers

    Braids are the newest hairstyles that are adored by almost every bridesmaid. Whether you’ve got long or short hair, you’ll accompany a braid hairstyle for any wedding function. So, how about accessorising your otherwise simple fishtail braid with some interesting ornaments? Try using rusty accessories like cane bands, wooden clips, threads and paper flowers to adorn your braid! If you’ve got dreadlocks already, confirm to flaunt them right.

    Ideal occasion: Engagement, Haldi, Mehndi or Sangeet.
    Fashion tip: accompany a bright colour Lancha style skirt or a pair of vibrant Chaniya choli.

    Broad pulled braid with ribbon

    A sassy braid is one among the newest hairstyles that have oodles of attitude and elegance . an easy fishtail braid is usually a winner. But you’ll also try some variations sort of a broad fishtail side braid. you’ll also use a ribbon or a Gota Patti in your braid and pull through. Fo extra drama, make a half bun then make the braid.

    Ideal occasion: Engagement, Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet or Wedding.
    Fashion tip: Wear a vibrant Patiala Salwar suit with some matching Punjabi Juttis for the entire look!

    Beach waves with crown flowers

    Flaunt your long tresses with some twists (literally)! this is often one among the only yet trendiest latest hairstyles you’ll accompany on your best friend’s wedding events. These Long Beach waves with blonde highlights are getting to be quite hit! this is often the type of chic hairstyle that you simply can even do reception employing a home appliance or simply by keeping overnight braids.

    Ideal occasion: Engagement, Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet or Wedding.
    Fashion tip: Use an honest quality hairspray to line your curls once you’re done.

    Braid them, bun them, twist them or roll them…take inspiration from these latest hairstyles ideas and use them on your lovely locks. it is your friend’s wedding and you’re one among her bridesmaids…you totally need to look special!

    There are all types of hairstyles for each hair type. If you do not want to travel for any particular style, just leave them open and free. Let your hair breathe. And remember, whichever fancy hairstyle you choose , always choose good quality hair products. lookout of your tresses and that they will lookout of your look!

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