Especially if you have the resources to support it, a destination wedding is more than just a choice. For it to seem picture-perfect, substantial planning and supervision are needed. Here, let's discuss the positive and negative aspects of the situation, the all-consuming work, and the entrancing beauty, not to mention your unique needs that add to the exclusivity of the wedding.

All of this creates a wave of tension, emotions, and excitement, and our job as destination wedding planners now begins. Our belief that "our customer" is the foundation of the company and that "your feelings" are what inspires us to create are intertwined. When it comes to decision-making, Destination Vivah ensures that all of your demands are perfectly addressed and that you receive the necessary support.

Consultation And Guidance

At Destination Vivah, we provide our clients with all the relevant, unbiased information on the chosen wedding location in Rajasthan (India) and treat you with a "we're-happy-you're-here" spirit.

Our objective is to help you choose a destination that best suits your needs and budget while also outlining a well-organized plan for how you should approach your whole wedding and event. Weddings are deeply important occasions that change people's lives.

In order to put ourselves on the same page as our customers and better understand their perspectives and needs, we often recommend an underpinning conference.

We generally prescribe an underlying conference to become familiarized with our customer's viewpoints and desires, so that we can put ourselves on an indistinguishable page from them.

From selecting the wedding location to going on a reconnaissance expedition to becoming familiar with the area and other factors like the climate and atmosphere of the place, we will provide a comprehensive assistance including live testing, as well as choosing the inns, and completing the wedding package. You may rely on us to lead and assist you through each step.

Venues and Vendors For Weddings

Whether you choose a palatial, rural, or coastal wedding setting, there will undoubtedly be some thought to be recalled. Does the targeted location fit your spending plan? Is it a place that is appropriate for all climates? Here, the majority of those who opt for a destination wedding must make concessions since they are unfamiliar with the location. When this happens, Destination Vivah assists you in choosing the location that best meets your needs, preferences, and budget while also taking into account the weather during the month of your wedding.

Several aspects must be handled in addition to venue selection. Selecting reputable caterers, photographers, and other wedding vendors can occasionally be challenging if you are not a native of the area. Additionally, the exponential increase in supplier prices during the height of the wedding season may make things difficult for you. Destination Vivah has a ready anchor of providers to go around this and prevent our consumers from paying any more.

Regardless of what area you have as a main priority or what your spending figure is, we guarantee to give you the most ideal administration. Your big day is the most vital occasion in your life and we investigate every possibility in making it the most vital one too.


The style of destination weddings differs from a traditional wedding, thus only someone skilled in planning destination weddings would be familiar with the proper structure and procedures. The trend of themed weddings is growing, and today everyone is familiar with anything from renowned nuptials to shoreline-themed weddings. For a themed wedding, both the wedding and the spare date must adhere to the theme. Destination Vivah has connections with skilled planners and vendors that can expertly re-arrange your wedding venue to meet your needs.


Seeing guests may be quite overwhelming. Your special day may easily change into a day at the boxing ring in the midst of boisterous intrusive family members and screaming children. Unwind! provide Destination Vivah with an opportunity to group deal with your visitors and not just on D-day but rather all through the complete trip to your wedding destination.

We ensure that your guests have the chance to explore the various attractions, especially if they are first-time visitors who are interested in learning more about India's cultural and social history. Without a wedding planner, guests would likely approach the happy couple or a family for every small need. Organizers operate as a point of contact between you and your guests, so you can rely on them for any assistance. This alone signals turbulence and makes it difficult for both you and the visitors.

On the off chance that your visitors are beginners to the nation, they would love to investigate the customary and social legacy of India, we guarantee that your visitors get the opportunity to see the different sights.

Without any wedding organizer, the visitors are probably going to swing to the couple or the relative for each little necessity. This alone signifies the turmoil and makes it troublesome for both you and the visitors, organizers go about as a contact between your visitors and you and you can simply bank upon them for any help.


We will support you throughout the whole wedding, from the pre-wedding discussions to the post-wedding gathering service. To remove the stress from your planning, our team will write and carry out any concepts you have for the wedding. Our packages include everything, including:

  • Bookings for travel and accommodations
  • Travel and coordination
  • Assisting women with clothes and drapery
  • Area selection
  • Menu presentation
  • Setting adornment, pre-and post-wedding photographs
  • Organizing rituals and services
  • DJs for weddings
  • We are here specifically to help with the special care that destination weddings need. We are aware of the complexities of communication, and when combined with fresh ideas, we can make your wedding the talk of the town for all the right reasons.

Destination Vivah weddings call for extraordinary consideration and that is precisely what we are here for. We comprehend the subtleties of the exchange and coupled with new thoughts, we can make your wedding all the rage and for all the correct reasons.

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