💞 Testimonials 💞

➤ 💕Vivek Rana

We sincerely appreciate your support while we planned our wedding. Your crew was really cordial, competent, diligent, and supportive. We appreciate your efforts in ensuring the seamless operation of our three-day wedding.

➤ 💕Swati Chopra

Knowing you were there to make sure everything went as we had hoped was really comforting. We now think that no one else could have performed our wedding with greater excellence. Meeting you was such a blessing for us. We also value your willingness to learn about our culture and your genuine interest in our wedding traditions.

➤💕Amrish Tyagi

We appreciate all of your assistance in planning the magnificent wedding in your Blue City. We had a lovely day and fully liked everything you had prepared for us because everything was so beautiful and committed by you. I wouldn't think twice about referring your company to any of my friends; in fact, you could soon hear from a visitor who attended our wedding.

➤ 💕Anuj Chawla

Our wedding and the location of the wedding are still key topics. You did an outstanding job, and everything was lovely! I'm grateful for everything.

➤ 💕Monika Sharma

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for helping to make our wedding the stunning occasion that it was. Destination Vivah, who went above and beyond to acquire everything we needed, is to be commended for the magnificent decoration of the site. You guys performed a fantastic job in every way.

➤ 💕Arushi Gupta

It was so flawless that it appeared to be from a magazine! Our friends and family's praise for us was overwhelming. We had visitors approach us during the three-day celebration to comment that our wedding was the most exquisitely adorned they had ever seen.

➤ 💕Jatin Trivedi

Without Destination Vivah, we would not have been able to make it happen. You completely relieved our worries and made our family and me happy. In the months leading up to the wedding, you kept us on course. Due to their professionalism, attention to detail, and proactive planning, Destination Vivah is constantly at the top of the league.

➤ 💕Faisal Khan

We appreciate your management of everything on our behalf. We received a lot of compliments from our loved ones and friends, and we had a great time with all the touches you had organized. The best part is that you know precisely where to go for the best vendors, you pay attention to what your clients want, and your wedding designs are always guaranteed to WOW!

➤ 💕Gurpreet Maan

A better wedding day is beyond my wildest dreams! The massive centerpieces and floral sculptures, like the peacock at the entryway, really wowed all of our guests. We cherished our crystal stage as well. It was flawless! Again, thank you for making this perfectionist bride so content! There was a lot of running about because we had three wedding locations, but you and your crew handled it with ease.

➤ 💕Karan Tripathi

We appreciate that you went above and above to help us feel stress-free. All of our guests were really appreciative of your unique approach and enjoyed our wedding decor!

➤ 💕Simran Kaur

Thank you so much for being there for us through the wedding planning process. Your team was so friendly, professional, hardworking & helpful. Thank you for making sure every moment of our three-day wedding went so smoothly. It was so reassuring knowing you were there to make sure everything went as we had wished. Now we believe that no other could have done a better job for our wedding. We were so lucky to have met you. We also appreciate your open-mindedness; you made every effort to learn about our culture & were very interested in our wedding customs.


Thanks for all your help in organizing the wonderful wedding in your Blue City. Everything was as so perfect and as committed by you, we had a wonderful day & thoroughly enjoyed everything you had organized for us. I would have no hesitation in recommending your organization to any of my friends in fact you may be getting a call from one of the guests who came to our wedding very soon.


Everyone is still talking about our wedding and the wedding place. It was beautiful and you did an amazing job! Thank you for everything!!!!.